Transformative Creativity in Teacher Formation: A Pedagogical Approach

Maria Szymańska

We undoubtedly have in front of us an original and mature work, whose maturity allows us to believe that it will be well received and appreciated by those who take pleasure in and feel the need to reflect upon their own formation as a teacher and formation in general.

Prof. Henri Vieille-Grosjean, Université de Strasbourg


It is an extraordinary book as it broadens views on teacher creativity with a transformative dimension. The approach to formation presented in this book is a significant one, both interesting and inspiring. It appears that the quality of teacher formation is to be reinforced through transformative creativity. Having considered all the qualities of the reviewed book, it is necessary to appreciate the efforts of the Author. This book should be regarded highly in terms of the contents, methodology and the competence and critical interpretation of the factual material gathered.

Prof. Janusz Mastalski, The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow


The book Transformative Creativity in Teacher Formation: A Pedagogical Approach by Maria Szymańska appears to be very interesting, crucial, precious, and necessary nowadays, as education seems to be on the edge. The book’s content, supported by the discussion of the relevant literature should be expanded in another publication, or volume based on research.

Prof. Larysa Lukianowa, The National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine


Maria Szymańska, PhD, assistant professor at Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow (Poland), President of Scientific Society “Educare”, member of: “Institute of Sustainable Education, Baltic & Black Sea Circle Consortium”, editorial board of Elementary Education in Theory and Practice, Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education (Poland), advisory board of Training and Practice Journal of Educational Sciences (Hungary).


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